Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) are officially appointed by the Parish Priest and commissioned to distribute the Holy Eucharist during Mass and also to bring the Holy Eucharist to sick or homebound parishioners.


To cultivate the faith and witnessing the true presence in the Eucharist Christ with deep reverence and to share the Essence of Christ’s love to others.

Who Can be an EMHC?

An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is the one who:

  • is a Catholic in good sacramental standing in the Church;
  • is mature in faith and shows deep reverence, the utmost care and love for the Eucharist;
  • is growing spiritually through daily and liturgical prayers, especially the Sunday Eucharist; and
  • accepts the responsibility and commitment of Ministry in serving the needs of others

At our church, an EMHC also makes it possible for the sick and homebound to touch and be touched by God by visiting the sick, elderly and homebound parishioners on a regular basis. Days of Recollection and retreats are held annually with the aim to evangelize and motivate the EMHCs into the fullness of the Catholic faith. EMHCs of each Mass group are also encouraged to get together to share their faith and get to know their fellow EMHCs better. Some basic training would be provided to prepare the EMHCs to perform the duties for which s/he has been called to serve. For more information, please contact our Parish Office.