We are members of the Parish community who have been formally commissioned as Proclaimers of the Word of God during all Masses in the Church of Our Lady Of Lourdes. We are one of the largest ministries in the Parish. We are a very active ministry that organizes compulsory preparatory sessions for all lectors before every weekend mass and every mass during the Day of Obligation. A lector helps to proclaim the Word of God to the congregation present during the mass.
A lector is:
  • a person in full communion with the Catholic Church
  • a person serious about the practice of their faith
  • a person with deep respect for God’s word
  • a person with the desire to minister in this capacity
  • a person supporting his/her fellow lectors & commentators
  • a person able to proclaim the Word of God with confidence, poise and clear articulation

Join the Lector Ministry

Our ministry is always on the lookout for new members. We are looking for individuals with deep spirituality and who love the Word of God and read the Bible daily. No one is too young or old to join us, as we have lectors from as young as 12 join us to proclaim the Word of God. The individual must be able to read and proclaim clearly with a good voice and good enunciation of the readings. Experience was gained of course from previous parishes that they have belonged to in the past, whether in Singapore or at other parishes in any part of the world.

Downloadable Forms