Legal Aid

Pro Bono | Legal Clinics | Mediation

What We Do:

Catholic Lawyers Guild (CLG) Pro Bono Clinics are for the financially poor and disadvantaged, regardless of religious faith or nationality.

How Can We Help:

We are ready to provide advice on the following areas;

  • Family Issues
  • Estate
  • Employment
  • Personal Accident / Injury
  • Tenancy Disputes
  • Monetary Claims
  • Motor and Industrial Accident Claims

Who Is Eligible:

You must be facing a legal issue of a personal matter*, for which legal advice has not been sought before, and be unable to afford a lawyer. *CLG does not provide advice on legal issues in business / professional matters.

What Should You Do:

  • Register online or email our CLG’s Administrator at to register for an appointment.
  • In order for CLG lawyers to assist you better, please provide information / background of your legal matter, and any documents relating to your legal issue.
  • Your case will be assigned to one of CLG’s volunteer lawyers, who will contact you for your scheduled appointment.